Enterprise Strength


Strong Scientific Research Strength

At present, there are “postdoctoral scientific research workstation”, “national accredited laboratory”, “national enterprise technology center”, “Guangdong key aluminum profile engineering technology research and development center”, “Guangdong enterprise science and technology commissioner workstation” and “Guangdong Xingfa aluminum high-end aluminum alloy material research institute” and other research and development platforms. It has established long-term and stable industry-university-research cooperation with Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Central South University, South China University of Technology, Guangdong University of Technology, Guangzhou Institute of Industrial Technology and other universities and research institutes.


Testing Authority

  • It has established the first nationally approved laboratory in the industry – Physical and Chemical Testing Center, and the test reports issued are nationally and internationally approved.
  • Advanced and fully equipped with inverted microscope, photoelectric spectrum analyzer, xenon lamp aging testing machine and salt spray testing machine imported from Germany.
  • The test range covers the whole field of production and sales, and accomplished closed-loop quality control such as inspection of raw and auxiliary materials of aluminum profiles, production process control inspection and quality inspection of finished products and semi-finished products.
  • Collaborated with South China University of Technology and established “Xingfa-Huagong Joint Surface Engineering Technology R&D Center” .


Astronautic Quality

  • Gradually establish, improve and full-filled the product quality assurance system, and with the production progress, the quality assurance system is increasingly perfect, and the product quality is maintained high quality and stable.
  • Passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system, GJB9001B-2009 weapons and equipment quality management system certification, DNV certification.


Standard Constitutor

  • As of 2017, Xingfa Aluminum has drafted a total of 63 national standards and industry standards, which has effectively promoted the integration of China’s aluminum extrusion processing industry with the international market, and greatly improved the influence and discourse power of China’s aluminum extrusion profile enterprises on the international stage.
  • As the main drafting unit, XINGFA participated in drafting China’s first aluminum profile industry international standard ISO 28340:2013 “Aluminum Surface Composite Film Aluminum Surface Electrophoresis Organic Film and Anodizing Film Technical Requirements for Composite Film”, which is of great significance to China and the industry to break through technical trade barriers and increase the import and export of aluminum profiles.
  • It was awarded the titles of “International Standard R&D and Innovation Demonstration Base” and “National Standard R&D and Innovation Demonstration Base”.


Environmentally Friendly Production

  • Xingfa adheres to the concept of “green energy saving in the whole process” and integrates the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction into the whole process of production and operation activities.
  • Implement the photovoltaic power generation centralized application demonstration project, and currently have built a photovoltaic project on the roof of 120,000 square meters in the factory, with a total installed capacity of 11. 3 MW . It can effectively alleviate the shortage of electricity, save coal and water resources, reduce the emission of various pollutants, and protect the environment.
  • It has successively won the honorary titles of “Guangdong Clean Production Enterprise”, “The First Batch of Resource-saving and Environment-friendly Pilot Enterprise in Guangdong Province” and “National Green Factory”.


Advanced Equipment

  • Fully bring in the world’s most advanced production equipment and production technology, continuously reduce costs, and improve the company’s production capacity.
  • It has the largest and most advanced vertical spraying production line in Asia, a vertical electrophoresis production line imported from Japan, a casting rod equipment imported from the United States, and an aluminum rod homogenization furnace imported from the United Kingdom, etc., with high production efficiency.


Information Management

  • The first enterprise in the industry to apply “ERP modern management information network engineering”, and take the lead in taking the road of “information technology driven industrialization” with a unique vision.
  • Xingfa establishes enterprise ERP management system, OA automated office system, manufacturing execution system (MES), customer service system (CRM), three-dimensional warehousing system and other systems to achieve the “three-in-one” integration of logistics, capital and information and cross-departmental process integration, and improve the operational efficiency and overall operation and management level of enterprises.


Information Management

  • Xingfa establishes a professional technical service team to provide a full range of technical support and services for aluminium doors, windows and curtain wall enterprises and owners, helps them develop or improve products, or provides special solutions for projects or tracking and coordinating solutions on site.
  • Xingfa establishes a scientific customer management system, perfect customer management system, satisfaction survey and analysis, customer complaint handling mechanism, etc., explore and study new cooperation mechanisms and business models with customers, and create higher value for customers.