Aluminium Profile

Aluminium Profile

As a leading aluminium profile manufacturer in China, XINGFA specializes in various aluminium profiles including Anodized Aluminium, Powder Coating Aluminium, Electrophoresis Aluminium, PVDF Aluminium, and Wooden Finish Aluminium profiles. Here are the key features of them:

Anodized Aluminium Profile

Experience the epitome of corrosion resistance and durability with our Anodized Aluminium Profiles. We employ advanced anodizing techniques to enhance the natural oxide layer on aluminium surfaces. This not only protects against environmental elements but also creates a sleek, modern finish that adds a touch of sophistication to any project.

Powder Coating Aluminium Profile

Our Powder Coating Aluminium Profiles offer a seamless fusion of style and resilience. Our powder coating process involves applying a dry powder that is electrostatically charged and cured under heat. This results in a durable, vibrant finish that is resistant to chipping, fading, and scratching. Choose from a wide array of colors to complement your design vision.

Electrophoresis Aluminium Profile

Unleash the power of technology with our Electrophoresis Aluminium Profiles. This advanced coating method ensures uniform coverage and superior adhesion, creating a smooth, flawless finish. With improved corrosion resistance and UV protection, these profiles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, assuring lifespan without sacrificing beauty.

PVDF Aluminium Profile

Our Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) coating delivers exceptional weather resistance, color retention, and anti-fading properties. These profiles are ideal for applications that require high performance in harsh environments since they retain their brilliance and integrity over time.

Wooden Finish Aluminium Profile

Our Wooden Finish Aluminium Profiles combine the strength of aluminum with the aesthetic appeal of wood. Choose from a variety of wood-grain finishes to produce a natural, organic appearance without the upkeep requirements of typical wood.

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