Benefits Of Using Aluminium Curtain Walls

The aluminium curtain wall is a self-supporting outer wall of the building that covers its most part. The aluminium glass wall is supported by aluminium and gives the building a glassy look while protecting the building from harsh natural elements, including rain, winds, and sunrays. Usually, these curtain walls are used for commercial buildings, but they are not limited to this use.

Why Use Aluminium Curtain Walls?

The curtain wall is designed to resist air and water penetration. It is also used to absorb the building sway induced by wind and seismic forces.  Since the structure of these walls is made from an aluminium frame, it is sturdy and has space to be filled with glass. In addition, these walls are ideal for use because they allow natural light to pass through them, making a building more energy efficient as fewer lights and bulbs are used to ignite the place. Compared with other outer walls, aluminium curtain walls also give an excellent look to the face of the building.

Different Types of Aluminium Glass Curtain Walls

Curtain walls can be categorized by their method of installation and construction. They can either be assembled at the location (stick system) or assembled at the factory (unitized curtain wall system). Here are some types of aluminium curtain walls.

· Vertical Exposed and Horizontal Hidden Frame Series: 

This type combines exposed, hidden, and semi-hidden frames in a hollow glass curtain wall. The structure is seen from inside and outside, but a part of the structure is also hidden, supporting the glass. It gives a sophisticated look to the building. The backside of the frame uses spring bolts to keep the frame in place, and the front side of the frame uses aluminium connectors to connect to the spring bolts.

· Fully Hidden Frame Series:

This type of aluminium glass curtain wall has a wholly hidden frame covered by glass. The glass is installed in the outermost layer for the whole system so that the aluminium beam behind it is hidden. All that is visible is glass. This makes the building look as if it’s made entirely of glass.

· Fully Exposed Frame Series:

This aluminium hollow glass curtain wall has aluminium in its outermost layer. From the outside, we can see the aluminium covers along with glass. This is why it is called an exposed frame.

Advantages of Aluminium Curtain Walls


· Advanced Structure:

Aluminum curtain wall system is an independent structural system suspended outside the main structure, and adapting to the role of permanent and transient dynamic loads. Under the condition of ensuring the stability of the frame and wall plate connection, it also has the overall elasticity so as to have the ability to respond to external temperature changes, vibration, impact, displacement and other situations. Compared with other curtain walls, the structure of aluminum curtain wall is more advanced and more suitable for the needs of modern architecture.

· High Security:

Aluminium curtain walls provide excellent security through solid structures and robust glass. As the barrier of the building, the curtain wall must be designed according to the principle of equal pressure. The advantage of equal pressure design helps windproof and rainproof treatment. Even a small amount of rainwater entering the isobaric cavity can be discharged through the drainage hole. In addition, the glass is usually break-proof, having thicknesses from 6mm to 25mm. Aluminium is a strong metal but is not heavy but sturdy, so it holds the glass to the building perfectly safe for many years. It is not easy to oxidize, making the frame more durable.

· Wide Range of Versatility:

An aluminium curtain wall provides a building with versatile design options. The design of curtain walls is customized according to the owner’s choice. It gives the building a unique look and style and can present different colors. An aluminium curtain wall coordinates with the surrounding environment to reduce the sense of oppression of high-rise buildings.

Benefits of Using Aluminium Curtain Walls

· Easy to Install:

Curtain walls are installed from outside, making it easier to install them. One team puts them up from the outside, and the other team tightens it from the inside.

· Easy to Clean:

The hollow glass curtain walls are easy to clean from the inside and outside the building because cleaning glass doesn’t require scrubbing. The glass can just be cleaned with a simple solution with a microfiber cloth or wiper.

· Environment Friendly:

The aluminium glass wall is environmentally friendly because it reduces the heating, cooling, and lighting load, indirectly affecting the atmosphere. What’s more, the glass and the aluminium used in glass curtain walls are recyclable and not harmful to the atmosphere.


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