How To Choose Aluminium Window Extrusions’Open Modes?

While choosing aluminium window extrusions during home decoration, people are struggling with open modes. Today, Xingfa Aluminium would clarify some advantages and disadvantages of three different modes, casement(inward, outward) and sliding. These tips would help you to understand more about it.


1.Outward Aluminium Casement Window

Advantage: Ventilation, less space occupied, suitable for curtains and small apartments

Disadvantage: Safety concerns, recommended width less than 650mm. While opening, it needs to open the mosquito net first, mosquito incursion. Handles need more space.

aluminium window extrusion_2

2.Inward Aluminium Casement Window

Advantage: Safety for high levels apartments, no falling off concerns.

Disadvantage: Space occupied, affect the use of curtains, crash and collide may be happened. Not recommended for small apartments, tilt and turn open modes may overcome these concerns.


3.Aluminium Sliding Window

Advantage: least space occupied, 1/2 open square, ventilation.

Disadvantage: poor thermal isolation, tracks and thick wall required.

aluminium window extrusion_1

Three open modes are individual and differentiated from others. Customers should choose suitable products base on actual room space. Xingfa Paxdon windows use inset structure and double sealing plastic strips between frames and sashes. It has better wind pressure and thermal and noise insulation.

No matter which type of open modes you choose, good brand and material make usage safe.


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