The Application Of Wood Grain Aluminium Profiles

People have got used to wooden furniture, closets, chairs and even tableware like spoons and chopsticks. Woodware was widely used in the very early years of people’s life, and it is a necessary material in China. However, a tree would take years in time to be grown. The favourite and desire of woodware also cost a huge number of logging.
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Wood grain is a typical surface treatment that applying wood designs painting in aluminium profiles. Wood grain would improve the stereo perception, favorable appearances, texture outlook, and physical performances such as hardness, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and durability. It is a suitable replacement material of wood, in keeping with the aspiration of environmentally friendly.
wood grain aluminium profiles
Some Advantages of Wood Grain Aluminium Profile Products
Recyclability: replace wood with aluminium, reduce the consumption of unrecyclable timbers; aluminum is recyclable resources, formaldehyde free, nontoxic
Fireproof; metal has better fire-proof performance than wood
Dampproof: good waterproof performance, no deformation, color fading, mildew
Woodworm: metal is woodworm free
Outlook: favourite appearance, more color choices
Wood grain surface treatment process
wood color aluminium profiles
Wood grain surface treatment is similar to other surface treatment process. First of all, casting is the beginning step. Aluminium ingot will be melted and manufactured into suitable size aluminium bar. In the meantime, all the metal elements will be set at specific ratio in order to reach quality standard and hardness. Once aluminium bars are ready, they will be transferred to extrusion plants. Different size aluminium bars match different magnitude extrusion machines. Then, aluminium bars will be extruded through a designed mould to aluminium profiles with a setting length. Aluminum profiles need to be straightened and then heat treatment to reach a different level of hardness. This heat treatment process is also called precipitating hardening. Before surface treatment, aluminum profiles will go through pretreatment process which is a cleaning process that displaces aluminium profiles in chemical liquids. These chemical liquids may wash off dirt and oil on profiles surface. This process also enhances the adhesion of surface treatment materials. In the end, all aluminum profiles will be transferred to wood grain assembly line. Following the order request, specific wood texture will be printed on the surface.
wood color aluminum profile
Aluminium windows and doors, curtail wall, sliding doors, indoor decoration, gardening, road, public constructions, and furniture, aluminium profiles can be modified into different products, such as flower box, fences for balcony, garden, riverside, pavement, antique windows, mini pavilion, handrails, furniture, firedoor, archives cabinet, metal accessories.
wood aluminium profile
Wood grain aluminium profiles have a sophisticated appearance especially for gardening and public infrastructures, which is also leading the development of recyclable materials.
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