The Practical Guide To Aluminium Louver Windows

A wide variety of window covers or shades are currently available in the market. Finding the right option for your home or business can be challenging, from wood to PVC, aluminium, and various fabrics used for windows. Whether curtains, blinds, or louvers, each type of shading method has its pros and cons. Some windows are easy to clean, while others are long-lasting, or family-friendly and some are better to look at or match your interior perfectly.


The high-quality aluminium louver windows from a reliable aluminium profile supplier are sturdy, durable, and aesthetics, which can meet your needs for quality windows.

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Aluminium Louver Windows Applications


Aluminium louver windows are getting more and more popular by the day. The main reason for this is how easy they are to install and maintain. Aluminium louver windows have a wide range of applications. Some of these include:


1.  Bathrooms

Bathrooms are a common site where aluminium louver windows are used. Whether it’s over exhaust fans or to cover the bathroom window, louvers are frequently used in toilets to maintain privacy while keeping the design minimal and easy to use. Not only that, louver windows are excellent at improving ventilation so that airflow can be maintained.


2.  Kitchens

Kitchens are another site for aluminium louver windows. Whether it’s to cover the windows overlooking the vegetable garden or double windows to allow sunlight into the breakfast area, aluminium louver windows are perfect to use because of how easily you can operate them depending on how much light you would prefer in the kitchen area. It is also helpful if the window extrusions are also made of aluminium as it is easier to clean grease and grime off it.


3. Bedrooms/Drawing Rooms

Aluminium louvers are also vastly preferred over the other kinds in bedrooms, drawing and dining rooms, and sitting areas. The amount of light filtering in during the day and the degree of window coverage during the night can be easily controlled while maintaining your privacy.

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Benefits of Using Aluminium Louver Windows


There are many benefits of using aluminium louver windows. The following paragraphs will also include how aluminium is better than PVC, wood, or fabric. Some of the advantages of using aluminium include:


1. Durable

Aluminium is one of the most reliable metals found in the earth’s core. It is both malleable and ductile, which means it can make any shape or design without breaking. As we all know, aluminium is used in making airplanes, ships, bridges, and so much more. Aluminium louvers will last much longer than plastic or fabric, which are prone to damage.


2. Corrosion-Resistant

Aluminium is corrosion-resistant, which means it can withstand harsh weather conditions without rusting. Not only that, humidity and moisture in room air can often corrode other metals when used for aluminium window extrusions or louvers. Wood is susceptible to wood mites and needs to be used indoors, whereas fabric often easily becomes wear and tear, so it needs to be replaced soon.


3. Ventilation

Aluminium is excellent at providing ventilation, mainly because aluminium allows a free flow of air into the room, unlike fabric louvers. Whether it’s open or partially shuttered, aluminium louvers provide superb ventilation without offering any hindrance to air.

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Choosing Tips of Aluminium Louver Windows


Choosing aluminium for your louver windows can be challenging, whether for your home or office. With so many types and qualities available in the market, selecting the one that suits your needs can get tricky, especially for an amateur. When choosing your aluminum louver, the things you need to keep in mind are:


Size belongs to one of the most important aspects of a louver window. Depending on how much space you have available and how much of the wall you want to be taken up by the window, you choose a size suitable to your needs and the space’s interior.


Aluminium Quality

Determining the quality of aluminium can be tough for someone unfamiliar with the metal and its types. Mainly, the quality of aluminium is reflected in its malleability, strength, corrosion-resistant properties, and workability. All the qualities make for durable, user-friendly, and safe louvers.



Aluminium is one of the metals that can be colored and polished to match any surface. Depending on where you want to install the aluminium louvers, you can choose a colour you like.


Cleaning Aluminium Louver Windows


Aluminium louvers are incredibly easy to clean. You can start by brushing the dust or losing particles off the surface of the individual panes. Use a moist sponge with mild detergent or soap for stickier stains or grime and scrub off the tougher smudges. Rinse with clean water and then pat dry with a cloth. You can also add a final layer of nonabrasive car polish to give it luster.


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