Top 3 Benefits Of Aluminium Handrail

Are you seeking the best material for a handrail for your business? You must be hunting for a material that is strong, durable, affordable and above all, presents a beautiful look.

What options do you have?

  • You could go for steel, but its substantial weight and even higher cost may stop you.
  • You could choose wood, but its susceptibility to rot and care requirements may be hard to accept (painting, staining, and sealing).

So, before wasting a great deal of time reading through your railing selections, do yourself a favour and educate yourself on the numerous application and advantages of an aluminium handrail.

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Applications of Aluminium Handrail


Aluminium possesses qualities like low weight, corrosion resistance, and high strength, making it an ideal material for numerous uses. It is the third most prevalent mineral on Earth, after oxygen and silicon, and the second most utilized metal, after iron. Nearly everyone in the world has used an aluminium-containing product at some point. Below are two major applications.

Industry Applications

The high aluminium profile is due to its wide range of applications. Major industrial applications of aluminium include the following.

  1. Power Line

Aluminium is excellent for connecting electrical networks because of its high conductivity to weight ratio.

2. Skyscrapers

Aluminium’s flexibility, strength-to-weight ratio, and diversity make it a great material for skyscrapers.

3. Technology

Tablets, smartphones, laptops, TVs, and computer monitors use aluminium. Aluminium blends elegance and functionality and creates and classy yet reliable look

4. Ships

Light, sturdy materials are good for cargo ships. Lightweight aluminium allows for more surface and less weight without affecting hull strength.

Business Applications

Aluminium based products are becoming increasingly popular these days. Below are the major business applications of aluminium.

1. Aluminium Bottles

Aluminium bottles are crucial in the beverage sector. They’re not brittle and are recyclable.

2. Aluminium Casting

Numerous car and industrial components require casting, including gearboxes, diesel pistons, automotive timing gear, crankcases, pump bodies, clutch housing, brackets, etc.

3. Aluminum Door Window Fabrication

Aluminium handrails, doors, windows, supports, staircases, corridor railings, etc., are common in most modern structures.

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Top Benefits of Aluminium Handrail

The global aluminium handrail market is increasing at an exponential rate. The reason behind this is a list of benefits associated with aluminium. Here are the top benefits you could experience by investing in the aluminium handrail.

  • Durability

Unlike most other types of railings, Aluminium railings are not prone to rust or corrosion. Aluminium produces a protective oxide covering on its own. Consequently, it is extremely corrosion resistant and can endure even the most severe weather conditions such as snow, ice, rain, and sun exposure. Additionally, aluminium railings will not split, bend, twist, or shrink, ensuring their durability for years to come.

  • Safety

From a structural standpoint, the aluminium railing will not rot or decay like wood, corrode at the joints like steel or wrought iron, or crack in freezing temperatures like PVC. Splintering is another safety risk with wood railings, which is exacerbated when considering the chemicals used in pressure-treated wood.

  •  Strength

There are indeed materials on the market that are stronger than aluminium. Steel, for instance, is one of the strongest materials that can be used to construct a railing. However, most homeowners don’t require that degree of strength for a railing; it’s like using a sledgehammer to swat a fly.


On the other hand, aluminium is more than capable of providing structural strength (as it is frequently used as the framework for other materials such as vinyl and PVC railings). This ensures that your aluminium handrail will not only endure as long as you need it to but will also be able to withstand all the expected resting, leaning, and daily impacts without complaint or trouble.


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Wrapping Up

We hope that our explanation is enough for you to make a wise decision. If you’re interested in getting an aluminium railing after learning about the many advantages of aluminium, do yourself a favour and visit Xingfa today.


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