What Is Aluminium Louver And Why Is Aluminium Louver Used?

Horizontal slats that are placed at different angles to provide shade from the lights are called aluminium louvers. Currently, aluminium louver windows are considered an architectural decorative piece to enhance the beauty and elegance of the buildings. Most aluminum jalousie windows are now built with alternate materials as well, including titanium and stainless steel. They are used in closets, ceilings, and front doors.

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Features of Aluminium louver

Three different features are extremely important for aluminium louvers.

1. Robust Feature

Effective, durable, and lasting aluminium louvers are highly robust and strongly built. They are designed to protect the HVAC system from rainfall and debris infiltration. Similarly, a screen accessory is sometimes attached to the aluminium louver to prevent birds and insects from entering. However, over-protection through extreme robustness may cause an issue in the functionality of the product. Thus, maintaining the right balance between robustness and practicability is an important feature of high-quality aluminium louvers.

2. Aesthetic Features

Aluminium louvers are an important part of your building’s exterior. Thus, their looks and styles should match the aesthetics of your building. Selection of the color and design must be made considering the effect of solar exposure on the aluminium louver. Such exposures can fade color over time. Similarly, the protective coating may be required to maintain the color long-term in coastal areas. A resist salt spray ensures that humidity and saltiness from the sea do not wear off the upper layer of the aluminium louver.

3. Practicability Features

Apart from aesthetics and robustness, aluminium louvers usually serve a specific purpose in most buildings. As such, the ability to allow proper air passage, ventilation, and maintaining the critical barrier to keep insects, animals, and debris out is usually important in aluminium louver installation.

Different Types of Aluminium louver

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Different types of Aluminium louvers are available:

1. Perforated Aluminium louver

Perforated Aluminium louvers are used indoors to allow air movement between areas. Contractors may use them in ventilation grills, locker doors, and other applications where air ventilation is necessary.

2. Expanded Aluminium louver

Expanded aluminium louvers can be used for decorative purposes in architecture. They are thick and robust but have large spaces amongst them. Usually, they can be used as stylish and sustainable dividers due to their lightweight and visibility.

3. Louver for Windows

An aluminium louver for windows can be used as shutters or blinds due to their horizontal slats. These slats allow light and air to pass through when opened. However, the horizontal design keeps rainwater outside even in harsh weather conditions.

Different Applications of Aluminium louver

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Aluminium louvers can be used in multiple different applications.

1. Window & Door

Windows and doors may use aluminium louvers for their unique aesthetic appeal, robustness, and ventilation. Such louvers allow air to pass through while keeping birds and insects outside.

2. Contain Wall 

Contain walls add to the elegance and gracefulness of your home. With aluminium louvers, it is easy to build a strong contain wall that is lightweight and can make your home look great.

3. Electronic Equipment

HVAC and other systems in your home may employ aluminium louvers for ventilation purposes.

4. Aluminum Formwork

Any complete aluminum framework needs aluminium louvers for strong support. The lightweight louvers can make it easier to transfer the framework from one place to another.

5. Aluminum Scaffolding

Temporary structures need to be robust but easily movable on construction sites. Using aluminium louvers for scaffolding ensures that the structure created temporarily can fulfill the purpose but can be moved to other locations when needed.

Why Aluminium louver is Used?

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1. Challenges Present

Aluminium louvers may be high maintenance if they are not sized correctly. Similarly, removing debris is important regularly. Otherwise, the functionality can reduce manifold. The movement of the louver may be limited if there are minor obstructions in its path.

2. Requirements

Lightweight aluminum slats in the horizontal form are required for the louver creation. Additionally, it can be used in areas where there are gaps required in the structure.

3. Aluminium louver Usage

The product is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. It can be recycled easily and moved to different locations as well. The flexibility of the aluminum makes it easier to shape the louver based on the exact requirements of the construction.

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