6000 Series Aluminum Alloy Application

Aluminium is well-known as the most economical and practical metal. It is created by adding other metal elements to aluminium and heat treatment to enhance the chemical structure. No matter transform process or casting process, they are all aluminium manufacturing processes, extrusion is one of transform process, a method of forming. Mold design is according to the intersection face of aluminium profiles. Then using extrusion machine extrudes the pre-heat aluminium alloy bar through the mold. Aluminium alloy was divided into 8 different series.

International series number

1XXX Stands for 99% purity aluminium series, eg 1050

2XXX Stands for aluminium- copper alloy series, eg 2014

3xxx stands for aluminium – manganese alloy series, eg 3003

4xxx stands for aluminium – chromium alloy series, eg 4032

5xxx stands for aluminium – magnesium alloy series, eg 5052

6xxx stands for aluminium – magnesium- silicon alloy series, eg 6063

7xxx stands for aluminium – zinc alloy series, eg. 7001

Base on aluminium alloy extrusion series, from the weakest hardness series 1xxx with pure aluminium to the strongest hardness 7xxx series aluminium- zinc alloy series, different alloy series has different components, heat treatment process and manufacture form. Therefore, they are different in anodizing features.

6000 series aluminium is also called aluminium – magnesium- silicon alloy, it is corrosion resistance, strong hardness, good uniformity that is manufactured by heart treatment. It is a market-recognized popular product specialized in construction that mainly uses aluminium profiles. In general, 6000 series aluminium has different models, which has different applications:

1.6005 aluminium extrusion tunnel profiles are used for ladders, antenna, signal projectors and so on.

2.6009 is used for vehicle outer shell.

3.6061 is used for battery cover, semiconductor spare parts, aviation spare parts, valve, vehicle, model car, motorcycle, curies, EV, furniture, mechanical spare parts, tubes, bars and pallets for precise manufacture.

4. 6063 is used for construction, vehicles, frames, furniture, fences and grips.

5. 6066 is used for forging and welding spare parts.

   6068 is used for refrigerator cargo pallets, spare parts of truck, ships, railways carriages.

6. 6070 is used for heavy welding and vehicles extrusion profiles.

    6082 aluminium is used for airplane landing gear, precise spare parts of ships, construction, cycle, vehicles, optical instruments, railways, valves.

    6101 is used for heat sinks for bus used, conductors, wires.

   6106 is used for corrosion resistance profiles, bar and tunnel profiles.

   6151 is used for good forging performance, hardness, corrosion resistance, e.g. crankshafts, mechanical spare parts, ring-rolling.

   6201 is used for high voltage conductor bar and wires.

6205 is used for thick pallets, extrusion profiles that withstand high pressure impact.

6262 is used for cool process tube, bar, wire profiles for certain high compression stress spare parts.

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