Why Does Aluminium Window Frame Extrusion Leaked

Every time when storm and heavy rain comes, it is also a tough challenge to aluminium window profile and door. The air-tightness, water-proof, and stability are people’s concerns. In rain season, many households claim that aluminium window frame extrusion and doors leaked for no reasons, especially in heavy rain days, floors and walls paints are mildew.


Why does leak happen?


People may first think that problems come from product quality. In fact, leaks may be caused by several issues:


①inadequate installation;②windows tottering; ③water proof layers damage; ④draining hole plugged.


Identify the problems and then find out relevant solutions.



1.Correct installation


First of all, always chooses quality aluminium windows products, do not choose faulty products. Then, assembly workers should always follow the procedures while installing. Using high elasticity rubber strips in between metal frames and window frames is necessary to make sure water-proof. Window lintel and sill should keep an angle of slope for water flowing. The window position always keeps lower position for water draining. Test after installing is important.


2.Window tottering


It is a common issue of loose between window sashes and aluminium window frame section. Daily fair and tear may cause vibration and the gap between frame and walls become wider. The other reason may be a quality issue, poor quality products have insufficient hardness. Windows may be deformed from time to time. Things may be happened on the surface, colour fading, fall off.




Checking up the gap of walls and aluminium window frame section, replacing aging or damage sealing materials and then painting the gap. For wider gap, using padding to fill the gap and sealing the gap.



3.Water-proof layers damage


For those old houses, water-proof layers around the windows may be damaged due to time-being. Or while remaking, if that accident damage to water-proof layers is being neglected may also cause water leaks.




If leaks in walls, solutions to that are repairing the water-proof layers by knock to open the outside walls.


4.Draining hole plugged


Some aluminium window does not have drain holes, especially the sliding windows, water is jammed inside the tracks. Once the tracks are fully filled, water will flow into the house. Or the draining holes are accidentally blocked while construction. Besides these two, draining holes may also be blocked by some sundries e.g. dirt, leaves, soil and so on.




Clean the tracks and draining holes, and make sure the water flowing. If draining holes are set in wrong position, it’s better to make new draining holes with hole punches.


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