Tips For Aluminium Window Extrusion And Doors Maintenance

With the increasing living standards, aluminium window extrusion and door are more and more popular. However, quality aluminum profile window and doors also require regular cleaning and maintenance.


Windows and aluminium profile door protect the house from extreme weather and bring us safe and comfy. Then, we also need to know how to maintain them.

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⭐Overall Aluminium Window’s Cleaning

1.Glass, frames cleaning, use water and glass cleaners, and make sure away from sharps. Do not use strong acid or alkali cleansers or liquids.

2.While using, do not use push and pull when it gets stuck. Cleaning the tracks and grooves every three months to get away from dirt, sands and screes that may affect the use of metal hardware.

3. Do not stand or lean on windows, it may cause accidents of falling off or other dangers.

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⭐Mosquito Nets’ Maintenance

1.Detachable mosquito nets, remove the net, clean it in the bathroom.

2.Nondetachable mosquito nets, wipe to clean with wet rags.

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⭐Metal hardware

Lub all metal hardware with lubricants to make sure it works smoothly.


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