Aluminium Window Supplier Tells You How To Deal With The Window Leak?

Aluminium window extrusion and doors may have some unavoidable issues in daily use such as water leaks. Many people may feel something wrong with the house but just don’t know where the water leaks are when encounter heavy rains weather.


①Leaks in between the wall and aluminium profile frame.

②Puddles in sliding windows tracks and penetrate into the room.


①Improper materials between aluminium window frame section and walls.

②Insufficient glue between walls and windows frames.

③Design failure, sashes and frames are not sealed.

④Improper installation of sealing strips and rubbers, water leaks from sashes.

⑤Lack of draining holes designed


Water and air-tightness are the keys of product quality. Base on actual experiences, always pays attention to these points listed below to avoid leaking.


①Due to the inward shape of windows, drip lines are necessary to capillarity.

②Apply asphalt around the windows at 300mm to the frames after the water-proof painting is finished on the walls.

③The concrete should mix with water-proof agents. Because normal concrete is honeycomb due to dehydrate after solidification. Water may leak through the honeycomb holes and penetrate into the room. But with the mix of water-proof agents, the honeycomb is filled with water-proof material and leaks would not happen.

④The connections of window frames and other materials should be sealed with glue.

⑤Install a canopy on the top of the window to prevent raindrops from flowing into the room.

⑥The window sill should design as down-slope to the outwards and glue should be sealing facing out outwards.

⑦For the single-pane glass, the draining holes should be designed in the bottom a quarter to the side.

⑧Connections around the frames are needed to be sear as well during construction.


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