How To Differentiate System And Normal Aluminium Windows & Doors

System windows and doors are an organic combination of function and outlook. It is aiming for better a series of performances such as water, airtightness, wind pressure resistance, hardness and strength, thermal insulation, noise-proof, security, shadowing, weather resistances, manipulation. Also, high performances system windows and doors require the superior quality of aluminium extrusion profiles, metal hardware, glass, glues and plastic strips.

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1.Products characteristics


①Wind pressure

This means that the damage-proof performances under strong wind pressure. For example, damage are including dehiscence, profiles break up, glass damage, glues inefficacy, loose metal hardware. Wind pressure is 9 levels in total, system aluminum window extrusions and doors should reach level 6 on average. ( basic wind pressure value is 0.8KN/㎡).


②Air tightness

Simply speaking, it is the ability to isolate and obstruct the air penetration while closing. There are 8 levels in total, and system aluminium windows and doors should reach level 6.


③Water tightness

It is the ability to isolate water penetration during rainy weather while closing. There are 6 levels in total, and system aluminium windows and doors should reach level 4.


④Thermal insulation

It is also called K value in professional. System windows and doors should be level 3 or above, and the value should be lower than 0.8.



It is also called noise-proof, which performances to insulate the transmission of sound. There are 6 levels in total, and system aluminium window extrusions and doors should be level 3 or above.


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2.The differences between system and normal windows and doors


①It is not only considering the glass and product surface quality, but also the designs, durability and abrasive resistance.


②System windows and doors are most delicate and exquisite. During assembly, it will not be clear slits, but good air-tightness and unhindered open and closing.


③Different using occasions have different strengths and hardness. The aluminium extrusion profiles’ quality, pressure standing, sealing are the first consideration.


The technical division would examine and test the performances, details, quality. Divisions corporate-friendly with each other and avoid making mistakes. System aluminium window extrusion and doors are standardized series products that offering differing choices for customers.


While using normal aluminium window extrusion and doors, many problems may appear such as low stability. It may not have a comprehensive design and test. You get what you pay. Quality products are always worth what it deserves.

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