Aluminium Heatsink Is Widely Used In Our Life

By the rapid developed of mechanization, the development of heat sink is also significantly quick. Heat sink is everywhere in our daily life for car, communication base station, automobiles, wind power, power supply, electronics, electronic appliances, LED light, mechanics equipment, semiconductor,invetor, CNC, CPU and GPU in computer, mainboard, hard disk, power supply, CD-ROM memory stick and so on.


Nowaday heat sinks are made of aluminium profiles, and ducts are extremely thin that maximized the thermal conductivity.The fin arrangement is forming a air cooling fluid medium. The fin type of heat sinks are mostly swaged, skived, bounded and forged.


Sunflower heat sinks maximize the conducting surface area where heat are transferred to surrounding air. That would significantly increase the conductivity efficiency which is suitable for many electronics devices. Sunflower heat sinks are mostly applied for VFD, NE devices, power supply and communication technology fields.XINGFA’s sunflower heat sinks aluminium products are Guangdong High-tech Products.


Heat sinks are usually made of 6063 and 6061 aluminium alloys.

Its conductivity and heat capacity are extremely high and oxidation films from anodizing are rust-proof.


Corrosion resistance, durability, light and load-bearing advantages can sustain a certain level of pressure and force without any deform and damages even if fin are extremely thin.


Aluminium profiles are recyclable, plasticity and easy-extruded that can be processed into different shapes of heat sinks. Favourable appearances and decoration satisfy the requirements of ‘light, efficient, recyclable, energy saving’ in China which makes aluminium profiles outstanding and competitive in heat sink material.


Aluminium heatsinks are widely applied in mechanics, electronics, wind power supply, railways, vehicle and communication signal enlarger fields which satisfies most customers’ needs.


By the development of society, more and more aluminium profiles will be used in different fields and bringing us conveniences.

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