Attending oversea exhibition is one of the most effective and direct measure to develop oversea business and market. As a populous country and developing market, Vietnam is also one of the ASEAN country. In recent years, Vietnam had became a real state cash cow country due to its rapid develop economy.

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15-19th of March, the biggest and professional architecture and construction materials exhibition — 2023 CONSTRUCTION – FURNITURE DECORATION VIETBUILD officially kicked off at the National Architectural Planning & Construction Exhibition Centre. The exhibition attracted over 1,500 booths from 350 domestic and international businesses. XINGFA, as an industry leading firm, attended the exhibition and became the most eye catching object among other on the stage.


XINGFA had digged deep in Vietnam Market and always put oversea exhibition in the first place of promotion. XINGFA promoted ventilation windows, slim sliding windows, thermal break fire-proof windows, medium size frames lifting sliding doors and frame-less guardrail according to the market trend and demand. XINGFA attracted plenty of local clients and specialties from around to come and visit. Visitors were interested in XINGFA products via sample inspection, brochure and introduction on scene and giving full recognition.

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XINGFA Class-A series had been award the record certification of Vietnamese largest sliding door(12*4m). That specific product overcome the challenge of satisfying local weather, Webster hardness, wind pressure resistance and sea salt resistance which obsoleted products cannot satisfy.


XINGFA actively participated in 2023 Viet Build and showed the world XINGFA enterprises’ diversification and innovation driven internationalization. And it will also extend the brand awareness and effectiveness. XINGFA in the future, will follow the pathway strategy of China One Belt One Road, develop and innovate products and serve with the best quality and service for a global branding perspectives.

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