Why Use Thermal Break Aluminum Profiles For Sealing Balconies ?

Thermal break aluminum doors and windows are increasingly favored in the market due to their outstanding advantages such as high strength, good thermal insulation, rigidity, fire resistance, large lighting area, good corrosion resistance, high overall performance, long service life, and good decorative effect. High-end thermal break aluminum doors and windows have gradually become the preferred products for high-end architectural windows.


Why is it called “thermal break aluminum“?


The term “thermal break” in “thermal break aluminum” refers to the “cold and hot bridge” in material science, and the word “break” indicates an action, which means “breaking the cold and hot bridge”.


Specifically, because aluminum alloy is a metal, it conducts heat relatively quickly. Therefore, when there is a large temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor, aluminum alloy can become a “bridge” for heat transfer, resulting in poor thermal insulation performance when used in doors and windows. Thermal break aluminum, on the other hand, breaks the aluminum alloy in the middle and uses a thermal break strip to connect the broken aluminum alloy as a whole. This makes it difficult for heat to pass through the entire material, resulting in improved thermal insulation performance. That’s why it’s called “thermal break aluminum”.


Thermal break aluminum doors and windows generally consist of two main components: thermal break aluminum profiles and insulating glass.


How to evaluate the quality of thermal break aluminum profiles?


a. Profile thickness: For household products, the national standard requires that the profile thickness should be greater than or equal to 1.6mm.


b. Thermal break strip: The thermal break strip is the most critical part of thermal break aluminum profiles and must be made of PA66 nylon, as required by national standards. However, many manufacturers in the decoration market currently use cheap PVC plastic thermal break strips, which will seriously affect the product’s service life and safety.


Thermal break aluminum doors and windows are gradually becoming the new favorite in the doors and windows market, gaining recognition from more end consumers.


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