Open The Living Room To The Balcony To Extend The Space

From being a shelter from wind and rain to being comfortable and practical, from aesthetics and individuality to green and environmentally friendly, with the development of the times and advancing technology, architecture has become more human-centered. The balcony is an essential part of a home, carrying not only our dreams of a blooming garden but also our expectations for relaxation and leisure. There are different types of balconies, including lifestyle balconies and scenic balconies, as well as enclosed balconies and open balconies.

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For a long time in the past, the budget for balconies in home decoration was relatively low, and people often used safety nets to enclose balconies for theft prevention or child safety, with less emphasis on the importance of balconies. However, with the development of the times and the demand for high-quality living, people are increasingly exploring the indoor and outdoor spaces, creating new places for physical and mental well-being, and the balcony has become the preferred location for extension, breaking the conventional limitations of balconies, going beyond the sensory experience, and realizing the value of multi-functional use.


In China, there are significant differences in the enclosure rate of balconies due to the large differences in climate between the north and the south. In the northern regions, there are fallen leaves, dust, and even smog and heavy snow in autumn and winter, so enclosing balconies can make them cleaner and easier to clean. Moreover, outdoor balconies are less used in the cold winter of northern regions, so enclosure is a good choice to expand indoor space. In the southern regions, such as the Jiangnan area, there are frequent typhoons and rainy days, so enclosing balconies can also achieve the effects of wind and rain protection and maximize the use of space. Therefore, when decorating a new house, due to considerations such as safety, waterproofing, dust prevention, and expanding the living room space, balcony window enclosure is becoming more and more popular.


Giving the balcony a makeover, using large balcony windows to create a wonderful space, fresh and stylish, enjoying the joy brought by the sunlight, and experiencing the happiness brought by two living rooms. The large living room can be used for socializing and chatting, and the small living room can be used for flower viewing with friends, as well as for writing, reading, storing items, exercising, etc., greatly improving the utilization of space.


Before enclosing the windows, it is important to consult with the property management of the community to see if window enclosure is allowed and if there are any standardized regulations. Next is to choose the materials and methods for window enclosure. Faced with various ways of enclosing balcony windows on the market, which method is safe, practical, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing? Of course, choosing a reputable door and window brand is essential. With the rise of the technology of balcony window enclosure using broken bridge aluminum system windows, the advantages of thermal insulation and sound insulation have been favored and praised by many consumers. Enclosing the balcony with broken bridge aluminum system windows can be done in styles such as aluminium casement windowsaluminium sliding windows, and floor-to-ceiling windows.

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High-quality system door and aluminium window brands are more in line with the ideal living standards of the Chinese people, with superior product structure and functionality, appearance aesthetics, sound insulation and noise reduction, thermal insulation and energy saving, mosquito and theft prevention, waterproofing and sun shading, and decoration, making your balcony suitable for use as a study, bedroom, storage room, leisure space, work space, and guest area, allowing you to enjoy the way you want to live and making your home life more comfortable and secure.

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