How Much Expectation Can Be Placed On A Ventilated Door&Window?

Initially, when we were building doors and windows, the focus was on a fully enclosed process to reduce the impact of noise and dust. With the improvement of living quality, modern consumers have higher requirements for ecological homes, hoping to blur the boundaries between the natural environment and architecture. They are exploring ways to ensure the sealing of doors and windows while also experiencing natural airflow, obtaining more fresh air and wider views.

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Good ventilation is the main channel for a healthy and well-lit home. The choice of doors and windows should be based on practical home experience. There are various ways to open doors and windows, such as sliding windows, casement windows, inward opening windows, and top-hung windows. For ventilation, the smaller the opening angle of the door and window, the smaller the effective ventilation area. In general, sliding windows > casement windows > inward opening windows > top-hung windows in terms of ventilation. Natural ventilation can maintain fresh indoor air and improve air quality.


The opening method can affect the ventilation effect. Of course, in the home environment, besides considering the opening method, movable aluminum blinds can also be used flexibly to adjust the tilt and direction of the blades to increase or decrease the airflow. When the rainy season comes, the tilt of the blinds can also be adjusted to block wind and rain.


In addition, you can also choose to configure an innovative fresh air system with smart doors and windows, which can actively and thoroughly purify every strand of air entering the room, making ventilation more orderly, safer, and cleaner, and maintaining a continuous supply of fresh oxygen around the clock, enjoying a refreshing and comfortable experience.


Ventilation carries the need for communication between the indoors and outdoors, and the desire to feel the world. At the same time, ventilation safety should not be ignored. Choosing a safe and ventilated door and window is not only responsible for oneself and one’s family, but also a pursuit of quality of life.


When children are attracted by the scenery outside the window and approach the window step by step, or curiously lean on the windowsill, in order to effectively prevent children from climbing and falling, protect the safety of the family, choosing windows with micro-ventilation systems can ensure transparency and safety of windows while introducing comfortable ventilation, ensuring the aesthetics and air flow of high-rise residences, and avoiding the danger of children climbing and falling.


High-transparency screens can also be installed. In the summer when mosquitoes are rampant, opening micro-ventilation windows and closing the screens can keep the home free from mosquito interference while maintaining fresh air. It can also effectively block outdoor dust, smoke, vehicle exhaust, pollen, and other pollutants from entering the room, ensuring smooth and ventilated indoor air flow and creating a cool and convection environment.

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Ventilation keeps the home fresh during the long years, making people feel comfortable while breathing. In the process, it creates a safe and wonderful home experience.


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