Application Of Aluminium Extrusion In The Auto Industry

Aluminium extrusion is a process that has taken the various industrial markets by storm, and many different sectors (like the construction, electrical, electronics, telecommunication, renewable energy, and many more) are making the most of aluminium extrusion profiles. However, the automotive industry seems to have a strong demand for aluminium extrusion solutions due to their tensile strength, lighter weight, durability, and strong resistance to corrosion characters.

All these traits can transform an ordinary vehicle into the most exquisitely desirable piece of metal on the street. Automotive engineers, designers, and manufacturers are full of praises for this impeccable element and its role in the process of automotive extrusions. Aluminium extrusion helps make a variety of profiles to achieve their project demands, regardless of its design complexities.

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An Outstanding Example of Aluminium Extrusion

Automotive manufacturers are incredibly fond of aluminium extrusion products. Therefore, they have commonly used it to make the fundamental structure of a car for longer than you can remember. After trying steel as the primary manufacturing material for an extended time, automotive engineers shifted gradually to aluminium extrusion profiles, realizing that aluminium has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel.

Indeed, the rise of aluminium extrusion products occurred in the early 1990s when aluminium extrusion profiles were primarily utilized to build a car’s door beams and bumper systems. However, this trend was observed to exceed the automotive engineer’s expectations with results that made driving safer and more appealing. Consequently, the aluminium extrusion process started to make more car components. And eventually – from wheels, hoods, doors, and frames to the engine radiators, engine cylinder blocks, transmission bodies, and other essential body parts – almost everything was made up of aluminium extrusion profiles.

Advantages of Aluminium Extrusion in Cars

Among the numerous advantages of aluminium extrusion in cars, some of the distinct features that set aluminium extrusion apart from the rest of the available materials are mentioned below:

Improve Fuel Economy

Without giving up on the performance or aesthetics, automotive manufacturers are employing innovative aluminium extrusion solutions to modify the future of fuel economy. The ground reason behind incorporating aluminium extrusion products is simple: it maximizes the energy absorption to make the car survive a crash and also minimizes the vehicle’s body weight to make it look slim.

Improve Battery Range

Just like other car parts, aluminium extrusion products have a distinct ability to enrich the vehicle’s battery range with its well-known compact and lightweight features and other technical properties. Large battery enclosures, along with the design and selected material, can affect the entire structure of a vehicle. That’s when aluminium extrusion profiles offer efficient enclosure designs that can fix single battery modules and facilitate the part accumulation process of automotive extrusions.

Improve Safety and Overall Drivability

One of the many motives behind recommending aluminium extrusion profiles to build up a car’s structure is that it can take a hit or two under a sudden car crash situation, better than you can imagine. Besides, it can also reduce the impact of the shock by absorbing energy, which is equal to double the capacity of steel. Thus, it ensures your safe driving experience by suppressing all the stressful effects of a collision before allowing it to reach you in the passenger seat.

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Xingfa’s Aluminium Alloy Cross Member

If you want to partner up with a reliable supplier of aluminium extrusion products, then know that no one knows the ropes of aluminium extrusion profiles better than Xingfa. And here are the top 3 reasons why Xingfa is the right choice to achieve all your automotive part production targets:

Certificated Products

During the past three decades, Xingfa has earned authenticity and credibility as an aluminium profile manufacturer by exporting its certified aluminium extrusion products worldwide. We proudly own national and international certifications for our excellent quality aluminium extrusion profiles that authoritatively endorse our claim of being the absolute best in the industry.

Equipped with Advanced Technology

The reason behind being an expert aluminium profile manufacturer is that Xingfa is well-equipped with the most advanced technology in the world. That’s also why you are guaranteed to get only high-quality aluminium extrusion profiles for your automotive manufacturing project. Remarkably, the state-of-the-art machinery collection that Xingfa employs to deliver the best automotive parts by aluminium extrusion is specially imported from across the globe.

Other than that, we also possess the largest and the most advanced vertical spraying production line and much more. In short, Xingfa offers you the latest aluminium extrusion profiles with high efficiency and top-notch quality under an affordable price tag.

Customized Service Available

If your project includes complex design specifications and other demands that don’t belong to the standard category, don’t worry because Xingfa will design a perfectly tailored custom package that will take care of all your aluminium extrusion needs exclusively.

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With a superior experience of over 38 years, Xingfa has been leading the automotive industry as a professional aluminium profile manufacturer. More precisely, we specialize in manufacturing custom aluminium extrusion profiles and various other industrial aluminium implements with great agility. Accordingly, if you want to get your hands on our premium aluminium extrusion profiles, which international business owners appreciate, then feel free to get an instant online quote.

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