Aluminium Scaffolding Suppliers: Scaffolding History&Material Choices

By the rapid Chinese economic growth, industry manufacture outputs has also increased. Aloft working aluminium scaffolding has been widely used in the construction of bridges, tunnels, subways, performances stages, power plants, chemical engineering, shipbuilding, advertising, decoration and so on. Scaffolding is necessary and essential to the operation of a project. It is to ensure the aloft working safety and project process. The upstream of scaffolding manufacture are steel, aluminum, metal hardware and other materials. Rental and manufacturing of scaffolding are in midstream. Downstream of scaffolding industry is including the application in building construction, transportation, advertising and others. Xingfa is an aluminium scaffolding plank supplier, which is also awarded as Top Scaffolding Influencing Enterprises in China 2020.


Among the aloft work industry, thousand years ago, people invented wooden scaffolding to construct aloft pavilion. The usage of steel scaffolding after industrial revolution, till the appearance of mechanical platform, aloft work machinery has a long development history.


Scaffolding has been used in many years ago, wooden scaffolding was first used in Japan. Steel scaffolding was widely used in 1950s. Wooden scaffolding was popular in China in 1960s, however, it had a low recyclable and reuse rate, habitation deconstruction, safety issues. The appearances of iron steel scaffolding stimulated the transition from wooden material to iron steel material, safety had also increased. In mid 1980s, relying on advanced physical performance such as weight bearing, recyclability, safety, and environmental friendly, the market share of wooden scaffolding started being replaced by iron steel scaffolding.


Until now, the appearance of new-type scaffolding is made of aluminium alloy, also called, door-type scaffolding, mobile aluminium scaffolding, aluminium scaffolding plank and so on. Aluminium profiles has advantages of lightweight, high work efficiency, low labour consumption, high firmness, structure safety, good applicability in different foot platform, easy construct. Xingfa produce high quality 6082-T6 aluminum profiles, which are suitable and satisfying the needs of scaffolding. Strong 6082 aluminium alloy enhance the connection, reduce the weight, make usage convenient.
By the rapid Chinese architecture industry growth, more and more scaffolding appears, door type, wheel type etcetera. Choosing quality aluminium scaffolding material and good aluminium scaffolding supplier are to ensure working safety management, innovate and perfect scaffolding technology.

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