Xingfa Aluminium – Quality Architecture Creates Better Life

Excellent architectures are always utility, firm and venus. Henry Wharton quoted that in his work early years. The development of humanity has signs in every stage of time. When we look at it, the first thing will be apparent. The external facade is the first impression of architecture including walls, rooftops, aluminium windows, aluminium doors, etc. These can reveal the style of a building, such as simplism, classic or shiny bright colour.
Architectural decoration material is an outlook emphasizing decoration that painting or install on the surface. Comparing with other developed countries, Chinese material industry is in a late development position. Metal decoration material such as iron steel, aluminium, copper and other alloy has a wide application in architecture project by using surface colour coating to improve corrosion resistance and make it shiny and bright. Metal texture and skyscrapers facade material emphasize the city sky view and modernization.
Aluminum extrusion material used in architecture has more than a hundred years of history beginning with window&door frames, curtain walls, building outer shells, indoor furniture, and decor structures. The 1930s, aluminium alloy was used in weight-bearing structures. Till today, aluminium alloy is the second largest consume amount of architectural material after iron steel in the aspect of aluminium pedestrian bridge, warehouses, and other room structures.
With the increasing of labour production, people also have an increasing needs for living standards in health, recycling, energy-saving, even decoration quality and building outlook.
Social development has also put a higher request in architectural material. Sustainability and the pursuit of multi-function and recyclability are penetrating into material development. By the changing of the way of living, people have a diversifying need for building functions. Architectural material as a basic element of a building, except that, green, energy-saving, comfort, favourable appearance etcetera, are also being taken into account, and it will be more strict.
By the progression of smart architecture and the request for energy saving, the application of new technology and material is way more important to develop the art of architecture through new technology material and structure performances. Xingfa Aluminium, established in 1984, is a leading aluminium profile china manufacturer.

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