Aluminum Jalousie Windows Vs. Wooden Louver Windows: Which Is Better?

Louver windows are a popular window type among households. Their stylish looks and natural ventilation capabilities make users fall in love with them. The property that users love the most is their ability to hinder the sight of prying eyes while allowing for natural air and light ventilation at the same time.

While you are looking for custom jalousie windows, there are various materials for choosing. The traditional material to be used is wood, but other materials have been getting popular recently. Aluminum jalousie windows have been getting recognized and appreciated by users recently. This article breaks down the differences between wooden louver windows and aluminum jalousie windows. Let’s get started.

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Differences Between Aluminum Jalousie Windows and Wooden Louver Windows

Here are the top differences between both the window types.

1. Material 

As the name suggests, the first difference is the material used in the construction. Wooden louver windows are made out of different kinds of wood. On the other hand, aluminum jalousie windows are made out of aluminum profiles. However, as you must be aware, not all aluminum profile suppliers make the same quality aluminum. Hence, it’s essential to pick the right supplier while looking for your windows.

2. Application

Each window type can prove a solid option in any construction project. However, aluminum jalousie windows have some obvious benefits. First and foremost, they go well with the glass and metal construction of most buildings nowadays. What’s more, they are widely used in every location in the house for their lightweight and resistance to oxidation and moisture. On the other hand, Wooden louver windows are unsuitable for use in areas with high humidity and heavy greases, such as showers and kitchens.

3. Service Time

Due to the materials used in their construction, both the window types have different time frames for the duration they can withstand. Wooden windows are more prone to damage over time and general wear and tear. Furthermore, Generally speaking, wood will be less hard than metal. So they don’t usually stand the test of time as much as aluminum jalousie windows do. Aluminum windows are tougher and less prone to general wear and protective against raw force.

4. Maintenance

As wooden windows can wear and tear over time due to weather conditions, they need more maintenance. For example, excessive moisture and sunlight could cause cracking, chipping, and water damage. To fix that, you’d need maintenance steps like painting and polishing. But, on the other hand, these maintenance steps aren’t needed when it comes to aluminum jalousie windows. They are not easily affected by weather conditions because they are water and moisture resistant and corrosion resistant, not easily rusted and deformed. In addition, it saves lots of time and cost to maintain the aluminum jalousie windows.

5. Price

Due to the way aluminum is manufactured and profiled, it’s more affordable than wood. Wood is a raw material that could cost a lot, depending on the wood you’re picking. Aluminum jalousie windows are a much more affordable alternative to wooden windows — and a good one at that.

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How to Calculate the Size of Your Aluminum Jalousie Windows

If you’ve already made up your mind and want to get aluminum jalousie windows for your home, you might wonder how to measure their size. This section has got you covered.

To calculate the size of your windows, measure the horizontal and vertical length of your window compartments. Make the measurements 3 times for each side, then calculate the average of the calculated values by adding them and multiplying by 3. After you’ve got your windows, it’s recommended to find professional help to install them. Considering this is a one-time task that could affect your house so much, professional help is always recommended.

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In the End 

As said earlier, the quality of your windows may vary wildly based on where you purchase them from. Luckily, as a trusted aluminium profile supplier, Xingfa checks all the right points for aluminum extrusions. Our high-quality machines and production processes have served our customers for more than 35 years. Being a top-tier manufacturer and supplier of aluminum jalousie windows, you can always rely on our services for top-quality products at affordable prices.

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