The Ultimate Guide To Choose Aluminium Curtain Wall

Over the years, the aluminium curtain wall has been getting more popular by the day. It has a wide set of uses in various indoor and outdoor applications, which make it a versatile solution to protect the outsides of a building, as well as divide the inside of a building effectively.


However, with all the horde of information about the aluminium curtain wall available out there, customers may have gotten a little confused about how to choose the perfect aluminium curtain wall. In this article, we will talk about everything you must know about this subject. Let’s get started.


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Features of the Aluminium Curtain Wall

As the name suggests, an aluminium curtain wall is made out of aluminium frames. There’s also a filler material used to fill in the frames; it’s usually made out of glass, metal, or thin stone.


Due to this type of construction, aluminium curtain walls are highly resistant to extreme weather conditions and stains. Hence, they’re widely accepted as exterior protectors or interior space dividers.


What to Consider While Choosing Aluminium Curtain Walls?

Curtain walls are a long-term investment. Hence people have to make sure they’re purchasing the right curtain walls to make sure the investment returns a great value. But how can customers know if they’re choosing the right aluminium curtain wall? Well, consider the following parameters.


1. Surface coating

People may be wondering, “Aren’t these walls made out of aluminium? Why does coating related to it?” — well, they’re right, but there’s a catch. Curtain walls aren’t made out of raw aluminium. Instead, an alloy of it. For instance, it could be made out of aluminium veneer.


Furthermore, not all aluminium profile suppliers make their products with the same manufacturing process, which diversifies the quality. To make sure customers are choosing a wall with a high-quality, resilient coating, one must choose a market-leading aluminium profile supplier.


2. Insulating ability

The aluminium curtain walls should have good thermal insulation, meaning they shouldn’t let heat pass through it efficiently. That’s because one of their jobs is to stop extreme external heat from getting into corporate environments. While shopping for aluminium curtain walls, it’s important to pick an aluminium profile manufacturer that provides good insulating ability.


3. Test for wind load, seismic activity, and fire resistance

The last thing customers want to happen is the aluminium curtain wall to fall apart in case of extreme weather conditions or seismic activity. People want the curtains to stand the test of time and protect them from such calamities. Therefore, make sure you’re choosing a supplier that promises all these resistant features in their products.


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Why Choose Xingfa?

Xingfa is a manufacturer of top-tier aluminium profiles and a professional curtain wall supplier with years of industry experience. Here are some persuasive reasons why customers should get the next aluminium curtain walls from us.


1. Excellent and certified quality

We produce some of the best quality aluminium profiles in the market. Not only are our products tried and tested, but we also have all the right certifications to go along with them. Besides the certifications, through the ages, we have gained many awards. In 2020, we were listed in the “Top 500 Manufacturers in China”, which shows our strengths.


2. Products with advanced technology

We produce our aluminum curtain walls with the highest quality manufacturing process on the planet. Our team is constantly working its heels off to keep our tech up to date.


3. R&D capability

Not only do we keep our processes strong, but we also invest heavily in our R&D department to ensure our products are always matching or even exceeding industry requirements.


4. More weight saving

Our aluminium curtain walls are made with the best materials and a high-quality manufacturing process, which gives us the ability to ship products with the best weight-to-durability ratio.


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In the End

Aluminium curtain walls are used widely across buildings for various purposes and for good reasons. These are durable, look good, and are resistant to environmental hazards and daily weather conditions.


If you’re looking for the perfect aluminium curtain wall manufacturer, Xingfa has got you covered. Xingfa has been in the industry for more than 35 years, which automatically gives us the authority to produce the best-ever products you could find on the market right now.

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