Top 5 Things You Should Know About Custom Aluminium Extrusion

Aluminium extrusion profiles are regarded as a popular construction material. Obtained through the extrusion process, this particular metal is also used in the manufacturing of vehicles, aircraft, machinery, and consumer goods.

Extruded aluminium is preferable over other metals because of its distinguishing characteristics. No other metal out there contains all the positive aspects which are present at once in extruded aluminium.

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Question 1: Why Choose Custom Aluminium Extrusion Profiles?

Choosing a custom aluminium extrusion profile will ensure that the buyer’s needs are fully met and help save money and time. A great upside of custom aluminium extrusion is that the process enables the metal to be transformed into any desired shape to fulfill the client’s needs better.

Question 2: What Are The Types of Custom Aluminium Extrusion Profiles?

As a buyer, one can purchase custom aluminium extrusion in any of the below forms.

Lighting Appliance Extrusion

Lighting appliance extrusions are installed in light fixtures to provide protection from dust whilst also improving the spread of light. They also help conserve energy through even distribution of lighting.

Aluminium Housing For Power Supply

It is primarily used in various types of electronic items, including power supply units, measuring devices, interfaces, health care tools, and much more.

Radiator Aluminium Extrusion

There is no doubt that aluminium is a good conductor of electricity, its performance as a radiator is incomparable. In addition to this, aluminium radiators are also cost-effective and lighter in weight. It also enhances a vehicle’s braking and acceleration capabilities. Finally, an aluminium radiator is also more long-lasting because of its durability as a material.

Medical Aluminium Extrusion

A great variety of medical equipment ranging from ventilators, heart monitors, and imaging equipment is manufactured through aluminium extrusion. Aluminium is a great contributor when it comes to medical equipment manufacturing.

Rail Transit Extrusion

The aluminium extrusion also plays an important role in manufacturing transit systems such as rails. The body of many buses is now also being manufactured using custom aluminium extrusion profiles, making them more lightweight and also costing less.

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Question 3: What Are The Steps Of Making Custom Aluminium Extrusion

The steps to produce custom aluminium extrusion are similar to normal aluminium profiles. But it is necessary to confirm the material, size, and style before production. If necessary, custom molds for custom aluminium extrusion are also required first.

1. The first casting process of custom aluminium extrusion is completed in three steps, including aluminum ingot, molten aluminum, and cast aluminum.

2. The second production process is to complete extruding shapings. Including extruding aluminium, stretch forming, cutting, preheating, and cold.

3. The third production process is to deal with the surface treatment. They can be completed in six types of electrophoresis, powder coating, anodizing, mill finish, wood grain/wood finish, and PVDF.

4. Further Processing is the fourth production process and is completed in two steps. They are punching drilling bending, and the product finishing.

5. After four steps of production aluminium extrusions with different shapes and functions are produced.

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Question 4: What Are the Merits of Using Custom Aluminium Extrusion Profile?

Since these aluminium extrusion profiles are custom-made, they can meet the clients’ high precision and versatility requirements. Because it can be molded into any shape or size without limitations, custom aluminium extrusion profiles can enhance any finished product’s quality, feel, and look. It’s also economical, environment-friendly, anti-corrosive, strong, and durable.

Question 5: Where To Find High-Quality Custom Aluminium Extrusion?

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