Rainy Days In Summer: Tips For Sunroom Maintenance

Sunroom has been widely used in the rooftop, garden for leisure space, gym, and other family activities. During summer, sunroom needs to be maintained carefully as well. Here are some tips you may need to know.
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Part.01  Wipe Clean
After rain, it is necessary to wipe out all the rainfalls to ensure that metal hardware and aluminum window extrusions are dry out. Do not forget the sliding track if you are using sliding window aluminium frame.
aluminium profile sunroom
Part.02  Using Suitable Cleansers
Always use neutral cleansers instead of normal foam, laundry cleansers neither toilet cleansers nor strong alkalic cleansers. While cleaning, do not stand or lean on the frames, otherwise, frames will be bent.
aluminium profile for sunroom
Part.03  Check the Connect Parts
Always keep an eye on connecting parts such as screws and other damaged parts.
Part.04  Pay Attention to Metal Hardware
Check the hinge and other metal hardware frequently, oil to them and dry out. Sealing strips and glass glue are the keys of isolation and thermal preservation, replace when it is damaged. Always check the joints of windows, doors and sunroom to prevent getting loose or deformation. Choose good quality hardware supplier to ensure durability.
aluminium sunroom
Part.05  Keep the Window Closing When You Go Outside
While weather changing, or unoccupied, keep all the windows and doors closing. Otherwise, the storm will flip over the sunroom when it causes wind pressure.
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