How To Choose Aluminium Window Extrusion Hardware?

Today, we are going to share some tips on how to choose hardware for aluminum window extrusions.
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1.About glass
①Flex-combination of energy saving
Comparing with single glass, hollow glass has two times heat insulation performances better, and it helps to reduce air-con energy-consuming. In summer, heat insulation rate is up 70%. In winter, it keeps warm and reduces energy lost up to 40%. And it finally turns out warm in winter; cool in summer.
②Flex-combination of energy saving
If use tempered glasses on both sides, it increases impact resistances and security on both sides. Because tempered glasses have 5 to 10 times impact resistance better than normal glasses. Counter bending performances are 3-5 times better than normal glasses. Also, when tempered glass breaks into pieces, glasses are tiny and it scratches hands.
The process of making tempered glasses is beginning with cutting float glasses. Then, edging and cleaning, 3C label will be marked on glasses. Glasses processing after tempering furnaces is fixed and irreversible. 3Cmark on glasses is indelible because of high temperature. ( If the label is being delible, which means that tempered glasses are faulted.)
③Flex-combination of heat absorption
Windows that facing the and west should use Low-emissivity glasses on the outside and white glasses insides. The glasses may absorb infrared rays and reduce around 20%-30% of ultraviolet, so that may reduce thermal energy transfer from outside to inside. In summer, it can reduce the energy consumption of air-con. In winter, glasses absorb energy and store themselves, therefore, it can reduce heat transfer from outside to inside through the glasses. Low-emissivity glasses are colored, so it also has good decoration purposes.
2.Quality windows and doors, rubber strips matters
What are rubber strips all about?
Rubber strips include EPDM, Silicone rubber, Neoprene rubber, elastic rubber, vulcanized rubber.
EPDM has earned the best recognition in the industry for its comprehensive performances among others, because it has extraordinary ozone resistance, weathering resistance, better thermostability, cryogenic property, chemical resistance, low density.
EPDM has better elasticity and durability than PVC strips. However, in terms of production, EPDM has a higher cost up to 20 times than PVC.
Thermoplastic EPDM is an imported and domestic self-development material technology. It is mainly used in car windshields and windows, but now it is used in home-used extruded aluminum window and door. Comparing with sulfuration EPDM, thermoplastic EPDM has the same performances and durability, but lower energy cost, metal elements excluded, recyclable.
3.Metal hardware- the core of system windows and doors
People said that aluminium extruded profile are the bones of windows and doors, then the heart is metal hardware.
①Why metal hardware affect durability
With the increasing of living standard and technology development, different extruded aluminium window and door use different materials and metal hardware. Windows and doors are divided into three types, sliding, casement and top-hung respectively using relative metal hardware. Metal hardware is the core of windows and doors. The wind-pressure resistance, air-tightness, water tightness, thermal isolation, noise-proof performances are strictly relative to metal hardware.
②What is metal hardware all about?
1)Locks: locks are installed on the window and door frames. Normally, it includes main lock body, panel, handles and shield cover.
2)Handles: For opening and closing, normally installed in the middle of one side. It is made of copper, iron steel, zinc, and other materials, covered by nickel and chromium.
3)Sliding stay: These metal hardware are usually installed underneath window sashes for fastening the sashes open.
4)Hinge: It is a connector between sashes and frames that makes them open and close freely.
5)Closer: fix the sashes while closing.
③How to define a set of quality metal hardware?
1)Easy to use, multiple open ways with simple handles operate.
2)Systemization, quick installation
4)Load bearing
6)Good adaptation (high quality)
125 lifting sliding door
4.How to choose windows and doors metal hardware
①While choosing metal hardware, we should try to choose quality guarantee products. The quality of metal hardware is equal to the quality of windows and doors. Windows and doors require matching metal hardware that may affect the shape itself, color, function and installation.
②Metal hardware installation should be completed, standard, accurate. After installation, the windows and doors shape should be remaining the same as what it suppose to be, with no bending or collision.
③Casement products and large-sized sliding products should use multiple spot locks. Otherwise, air tightness may be affected under pressure differences, the multiple locks and drive system are recommended.
Therefore, while choosing aluminium system windows and doors, it is not only considering the aluminium profiles, but also the metal hardware. Xingfa Paxdon aluminium windows and doors system are using advanced testing machines for all the metal hardware supplies. All metal hardware are being examined more than 200 thousand times. The FPY is always above the while industry,and also proved that only choosing guarantee suppliers are the keys of quality.

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