The Benefits Of Aluminium Bridge

Due to the benefits of modulus of elasticity, corrosion resistance, aluminium profile extrusion has been widely applied in car manufacture and construction industry. In 1933, Americans firstly used aluminium bridge. Till today, developed countries have ripe experiences in aluminium bridges, but it is still in the initial stage in China. The first aluminium pedestrian bridge in China was built in Qingchun Road, Hangzhou in 2006.
The cost of construction is the main barrier that impedes the development of aluminium bridge. The application of aluminium bridge also that the functions are effective, although costs are expensive. Comparing with iron steel bridges, aluminium bridge has a list of benefits:
aluminium pedestrian beidge
1.Aluminium profile extrusion is low density and light. It reduces the total weight and base construction cost, because it has relatively simple requirements to foundations.
2.Aluminium structure is light, most big structure parts can be manufactured in the factory, transported by vehicles and installed by cranes. It reduces cost and time.
3.When it used as mobile bridges, it requires mechanic force to remain stable and safe. At that time, lightweight has competitive advantages to forces.
4.Aluminium alloy has better corrosion resistance. In natural state, the oxidation film on surface protect against corrosion. Aluminium alloy material reduces the cost in corrosion maintenance.
5.Recyclability. Aluminium alloy has low recycle cost, a high reused rate and recycle value. Specially for these big aluminium structure parts, they are recycled effectively and easy.
6.Easy to art design. Aluminium alloy has special metal texture and shining that people love it. It satisfied different shapes of art design process and structure requirements. It is convenient that process in factory and dispose on the site.
7.Hardness and high density ratio. Lightweight and strong weight-bearing enhance the maximum carrying capacity and it is also an competitive advantage.
Xingfa Aluminium, established in 1984, is the leading aluminium profile extrusion supplier in China. Xingfa Aluminium has five factories in China, which is located in Foshan City Sanshui District, Foshan City Nanhai District, Jiangxi Province Yichun City, Henan Province Qinyang City, Sichuan Province Chengdu City.Xingfa Aluminium has been persisting on the approaches of combining independent research&development and cooperation with domestic and overseas scientific research institutes. Relying on our own four national and five provincial R&D platforms, Xingfa always keeps close cooperation of industry, university and research to provide strong guarantee for the improvement of the company’s technology research and development capability, thus forming self-owned core competence.

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